Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Guest Blogging: Overrated Phenomenon or Truly Effectual?

Few SEO strategies are as debated and discussed like guest posting, despite many argue to the contrary, but guest posting remains an integral part of link building strategies. However, there are numbers of poor descriptions and erroneous explanations regarding guest posting strategies are floating on the internet. Perceiving no quick gain, often people discard this link building strategy accusing it of being overvalued strategy.  For instance, focusing on the tangible metrics specifically the referral traffic, many have suggested it has little influenced their online branding attempt; sadly, they overlooked the overall ROI.

When you consider the bottom-line value, you will also agree that the paybacks are well worth of the exertion.  In reality, guest posting can bestow with more benefits rather than just referral traffic, it helps you create quality backlinks, nurture relationship with the audience, get exposure and credibility.

Guest Blogging Helps You in Establishing Domain Authority :

Following the Penguin updates the process of link building, as well as guest posting, have undergone noticeable changes and it’s still subjected to evolution. According to many, guest posting is of no significance these days but in reality, guest blogging is certainly a great way to build online brand presence and authority. Many of us aren’t aware of the fact that domain authority and online branding are two different processes. Online branding is an approach to receive more exposure for the brand in the online arena specifically on the social platforms and search engine result pages.  On the other hand, establishing domain authority is all about taking your online branding approach to the next level by making your every online presence authoritative. Google makes use of inter-domain links and relies on third-party verifications in order to determine the authenticity of a website; hence, it’s important to the only link to those domains that have a trustworthy image online. Your domain authority enhances your ranking potential, the cumulative number of links from reliable sources will help you rank higher and earn a huge number of organic traffic.

 Newbie Brands in Online Marketing Arena Can Churn Equal Benefits :

Many marketers are preoccupied with the thought that without any domain authority it’s hard to kick start guest posting. Actually, if you become successful in creating a riveting content with the potential of engaging the audience, you will certainly have a better scope to publish your content in a reputed blog. The key is to find a blog concerning your business industry and convince the site administrator your guest blog post can drive significant traffic.

Without any specific goal in your mind if you attempt for guest posting just because it’s a popular link building strategies, take my words you will go nowhere. You need to ensure each of the posts you publish is of high quality and unique to get a significant return. When you want to see better conversion concentrate on promoting the published content proactively, engage with the audience by utilizing your social media channels in order to gain more visibility. Guest posting involves a lot of work it requires an upfront investment and time prior you actually see the benefits. Hence, be prudent enough to work with right blogs, polish your contents and form a long-term strategy. If you have doubt on your competency in creating content, consider hiring a guest posting service from India to keep the expenses within your means but get good quality of work.

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